A note about our Angora processing Angora yarn is famous for shedding, but this is because large commercial mills use angora fiber that has a very short staple length, and then is loosely spun. The angora fibers work their way out of the yarn, ending up on you and everything else. We harvest the angora wool at a staple length of at least 2½", and have it spun tightly, so it does not shed in the manner of commercially spun angora.

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This yarn blends Angora rabbit with Merino, a soft, sheep wool, creating a very lush, luxurious yarn that feels wonderful next to your skin. This yarn comes in a fingering/lace weight and a more true lace weight. The lace weight is only available in white.

Merino/Angora - Fingering
7-8 stitches per 12 rows = 1"
250 yards
Merino/Angora - Sport Weight
5-6 stitches per 7 rows = 1"
250 yards

Blue-Face Leicester/Pygora

This yarn blends wool from the Blue-Face Leicester sheep with Pygora goat. This combination creates a yarn that has strength and sheen. The Pygora blooms out over time, creating a lovely, subtle halo.

Blue-Face Leicester/Pygora- Fingering
7-8 stitches per 12 rows = 1"
250 yards
Blue-Face Leicester/Pygora- Lace
10 stitches per inch
250 yards